iBIO Announces 2015 John W. Maitland Jr Award Honoree


We are excited to announce State Senator Tony Munoz (D-Chicago) as the honoree for the 2015 John W Maitland Jr Biotechnology Leadership Award. The award will be presented at a ceremony on October 27th, at River Roast in Chicago Illinois from 5:30 – 7:00 p.m.

maitlandAssistant Majority Leader Tony Munoz will be honored for his leadership and extraordinary efforts to pass biosimilar substitution legislation (SB 455) in Illinois.

Governor Rauner signed SB 455 into law SB 455 (PA 99-0200). Biosimilar substitution was a legislative priority for iBIO and it is important legislation for Illinois.

Senate Bill 455 establishes clear authority and unambiguous procedures for the substitution of interchangeable biological products that have been approved as interchangeable by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). SB 455 provides patients access to these new discoveries and anticipated cost savings that the interchangeable biological products will offer.

“Passage of biosimilar substitution legislation in Illinois would not have been possible without the leadership of Senator Munoz,” said Warren Ribley, iBIO President and CEO. “Passing SB 455 will enhance peoples’ lives here in Illinois and increase access to life saving new therapeutics.”

The John W Maitland Jr Biotechnology Leadership Award is given annually to elected or appointed government officials who have provided outstanding support to the Illinois biotechnology community.

“We applaud the leadership of Senator Munoz in passing SB 455”, said Michele Guadalupe VP of Advocacy and Public Policy for the Arthritis Foundation in Illinois.  “Senate Bill 455 has the means to both provide patients access to biosimilars and to provide an additional tool in achieving a better quality of life.”

“I would like to thank iBIO for recognizing me with this award,” Munoz said. “I’m humbled to be a part of legislation that upgrades Illinois’ health care system, leading to cost savings and better patient outcomes. I’m excited to see the results from this measure and look forward to supporting iBIO in the future.”

For more information about the John W. Maitland Awards Ceremony visit: http://maitland.eventbrite.com

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