iBIO Adds UPS to Business Solutions Program


iBIO Members Save with Best-in-Class Cost-Savings program with UPS.

After a comprehensive competitive bid and contract negotiation process, UPS has been selected as the new Preferred Partner through the BIO Business Solutions cost-savings program. This process was guided and overseen by life science company CFO’s and supply chain executives, and a thorough and methodical analysis of the proposals submitted made it clear that a program with UPS would provide more substantial savings to member companies. UPS provides access to their local healthcare industry managers, who can provide information on UPS healthcare solutions and services that meet the specific needs of companies in the healthcare industry.

The special pricing and benefits offered by UPS to iBIO members through this program are detailed below. Member companies that had enrolled in the old FedEx program can expect to see additional savings of 10%-20% by switching to UPS. Take action and start saving now.


Member Benefits

•  Save from 50-70% on UPS Next Day Air® services
•  Save from 30-55% on UPS 2nd Day Air® services
•  Save from 35-55% on UPS 3 Day Select Services®
•  Save from to 18- 47% on UPS Ground® Commercial services
•  Save from to 12-40% on UPS Ground® Residential services
•  Save up to 65% on UPS Worldwide International services
•  Special pricing on UPS’ Proactive Response
•  UPS Capital Flexible Parcel Insurance
•  UPS Temperature True® Packaging
•  UPS Store Business Services discounts and other Value added services

To learn more about the UPS program and to get a customized shipping savings analysis, please contact:

Jenni Sheldon
UPS Marketing Manager, Healthcare


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