Horizon Pharma Announces the Launch of an Innovative Partnership with MIT


Horizon Pharma and MIT have just launched an innovative custom content collection titled “The Future of Healthcare Innovation”.

The custom content collection is a webpage hosted by MIT with insightful articles around promising developments for the future of healthcare.  Additionally, Horizon can author and upload its own thought leadership content into the collection.  This is a unique opportunity, whereby Horizon can be a meaningful contributor to a broader global conversation of how innovation is shaping the future of the healthcare industry.

“This co-branded promotional campaign will drive 3,000,000+ readers to the collection, thus giving readers access to relevant healthcare topics and cutting-edge innovative research and information.  We are incredibly honored to launch this brand new initiative with such a revered and distinguished institution, like MIT,” said Horizon’s Holly Copeland, Director of Public Affairs and Corporate Social Responsibility.

The kick-off of this partnership is an extension of an existing relationship Horizon has with MIT that was initiated in 2015, when Horizon sponsored MIT’s inaugural event, Solve.  Solve was and will continue to be an invite-only, intimate, international, annual event hosted by MIT for the global community.  The intent of the event is to solve some of the world’s most complex challenges through innovation and idea sharing by bringing together subject matter experts that also happen to be creative problem solvers.

Horizon is proud to facilitate thought-provoking conversations that will hopefully contribute to solving some of the world’s most challenging healthcare issues through its partnership with MIT.

For more information on this exciting new endeavor, please visit https://www.technologyreview.com/collection/the-future-of-healthcare/

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