WBEZ Feature: Re-purpose existing drugs for new uses


PACT Member Cures Within Reach Featured on WBEZ

This morning Chicago public radio, WBEZ, featured PACT member Bruce Bloom from Cures Within Reach on their “Your Health” Segment.

The segment started off discussing the antiparasitic drug mebendazole, and the current research being conducted at John’s Hopkins on the drugs effectiveness in animal models of aggressive brain tumors, including advanced gliomas and medulloblastomas.

This research project is one of the many projects funded by Cures Within Reach, a non-profit focused on improving patient quality and length of life by leveraging the speed, safety and cost-effectiveness of medical repurposing research, driving more treatments to more patients more quickly.

Dr. Bruce Bloom, the president and chief science officer, was interviewed as part of this segment and highlighted the potential of looking at old medicines to see if they have potential new uses.

“Its amazing how many inexpensive drugs that have been around for 25 years of more, like mebendazole, have so many other opportunities to help unsolved disease patients” Dr. Bruce Bloom, Cures Within Reach.

For more information on Cures Within Reach and the research projects they are currently funding, visit: http://cureswitinreach.org.

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